Jun 25, 2019

Yes, Wedding Videography Matters

I’ve touched on this topic once or twice, but this is a topic I am always discussing with couples, other vendors and inquisitive friends who ask about A Peachy Life Productions. And for the time being, as long as there are wedding photographers out there, people will always question whether or not they need video as well. I was a bit long winded in my previous post – I’ll keep it plain and simple here.

If you’re actually reading this (OMG THANK YOU), you probably agree that yes, video matters! But why? How do we help our fellow human beings understand why video is important?

  1. Living Memories

    To quote Ser Davos Seaworth, “Nothing f***s you harder than time.” Humor aside, despite our ability to recall special moments in our lives for years and years, no one can deny that the memory of an event is never as perfect as when the actual moment is transpiring. There’s only one form of media, one vendor at your wedding, and one way to actually record the moment so that it can be played back over and over again – VIDEO.

  2. Future Generations

    Even if you think you can recall the moments from your wedding in your mind, how will you ever be able to explain it to your children and how will they explain it to their children’s children? I love a good story, and people are perfectly capable of visualizing the words, but who wouldn’t prefer the chance to actually see first hand what went down in a family member’s life 10, 20 or 30 years ago? We live in a digital age where we don’t necessarily have to worry about a tape wearing out to the point where it can no longer play. Pro Tip: be sure to make lots of copies of your most previous digital files and keep them in multiple places. Video also captures family members who are no longer with us, and allows you to go back in time and see them smile, speak and interact with other people. No doubt there are plenty of people in my own life I wish I could go back and see.

  3. Historical Documentation

    I may have been a History major in undergrad (Go Bulls!) so this one is dear to my heart. Despite social media overload, I believe that most people value their own personal history. Why else are you posting stories of your every day outings, or what you had for lunch? Sure, you might not be looking back on those photos and videos year after year (even though Instagram and Facebook love to remind you), but you value you them in some way, otherwise you wouldn’t bother. If everyone could have a floating camera following them and recording special moments in their lives, (not in a creepy, 1984 THEY are watching you kind of way) I think people would love to be able to record and relive the moments that mean the most to them. Your wedding day is one of those days. You spend months and months planning, you look your absolute best because you’ve been working out all year for this one day, you spend a ton of money to entertain friends and family – it’s a celebration of the love you’ve found with the person you’ve chosen to spend your whole life with. Keep a record of it!

Videography has made it easy to capture these moments and tell a story. Your story. This is the best opportunity to capture you and your spouse as the next chapter in your lives begins. It’s a reminder not only of the day, but of the many days leading up to it. Let it put things in perspective for you, so that you can see just how many chapters you’ve already added since the wedding day and think about the many more chapters left to be written!

Featured photo by: Justin DeMutiis Photography




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