Jun 17, 2019

Emily + Jay – Tampa Yacht Club, Tampa

Great Toasts at the Reception

As the proud father of 3 children, I often think about the future and what their weddings might be like (and what they might cost – yikes). Now that I have a baby girl, I find myself thinking about what my father of the bride speech will be like. A lot of my favorite moments of a wedding come from the toasts during the reception (see some of my other favorites here.) I so often get genuinely surprised by the emotion and impact of certain toasts. I’d argue that the majority of my personal favorites come from the father of the bride.

My Future Father of the Bride Speech

Getting to witness so many different father of the bride toasts has been such an honor. More often than not, the father gives a riveting speech, speaking about his daughter as if they were the only two in the room. It’s speeches like these that not only do I feel emotional about, but I take mental notes. I totally plan on thanking every great father before me who made a great speech and helped, in some distant way, craft the very speech I will be giving on the night of my daughter’s wedding.

Emily’s Father

Speaking of powerful speeches, the father of the bride toast given at Emily & Jay’s wedding at the Tampa Yacht Club totally caught me by surprise. The speech began with a realization that a new family had been born that night. “A new generation with hopes, new expectations, new joys and new dreams that will no doubt make this world a better place.” The statement just hits on so many levels. In his realization, that not only was he letting his little girl go, but that he was looking forward to the next steps as Emily and Jay start their new family. The twinkle in his eye made it clear he was so proud of his daughter that words simply couldn’t justify how he felt.

Emily’s father ended his speech by quoting lyrics from two Beatles songs, “All You Need is Love” and “The End.” I can’t let that go by without any acknowledgement!

On this Father’s Day, go back and revisit your father’s welcome speech at the reception (if you’re a former bride) or if you are an upcoming bride, look forward to what your father has to say – you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the words of wisdom they will share to help make your wedding day that much more memorable!

Vendor Shoutouts:

Photographs by: Luxe Light Images

Venue: Tampa Yacht and Country Club

DJ: DJ Fresh

Cake: Publix

Hair and Makeup: Style Hair and Makeup

Florals: The Potting Shed

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