Jun 3, 2019

Jaclyn + Craig – Oxford Exchange, Tampa

Jaclyn & Craig united in the beautiful Shaw Library on the second floor of the Oxford Exchange. I’ve shot at the Oxford Exchange countless times at this point (see the portfolio section of this website) and yet, each and every wedding there has some unique element – perhaps it’s a love of video games from the groom, or a song sung by the father of the bride during the ceremony. It has become obvious to me that people have a misconception of weddings being the exact same as the hundreds of thousands that came before. It’s not necessarily the venue, the decorations, or the chairs that make the wedding different – it’s the people who truly make it special and unique.

Best Man Speech

Jaclyn and Craig had two particular speeches during the reception that really stood out to me. The best man gave a fantastic speech that focuses on the importance of friendships, specifically the one he has with Craig whom he called “The Gold Standard” which all future friendships were judged against – pretty powerful stuff! He went on to admit that he was worried that there would be no one to watch out for Craig (since he was at the top of the friend mountain), but fortunately Jaclyn came along who was, in the words of the best man, “someone else’s Craig,” which essentially means they were meant to be!

Maid of Honor Speech

The second speech wasn’t so much a speech as it was a traditional rap song penned by Jaclyn’s bridesmaids. They put their creative minds to work to write lyrics that matched up with Jaclyn and Craig’s love story. It was a delightful performance and a fresh take on the maid of honor speech.

Congratulations to Jaclyn and Craig Meibers!


Venue: Oxford Exchange – Carolina Larrea

Photographer: Niki Vera Photography

DJ: Reko Rivera

Florist: Carmen’s Flowers

Cake: Hands on Sweets

Wedding Film



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