frequently asked

This section covers my most asked questions, but if you have one that isn't here, just shoot me an email and I'm happy to answer!

1. Do you film in HD?


2. What sort of camera equipment do you use?

I'm a Canon guy.

3. Do you offer travel?

Yes! I will travel anywhere! The first 30 miles are covered in any package, there's an additional cost per mile after that. I travel outside of Florida and my passport is up to date for any international destinations! Send me a message to inquire about custom travel packages!

4. Do you allow for revisions to edited films?


5. What is your most popular add on?

The Full Length Ceremony Feature and the Cocktail Hour Interviews

6. How long have you filmed weddings?

Since 2011.

7. Do you offer microphones for the ceremony?

 I do, at no extra charge. The mics are specifically for video recording, they cannot be heard by the audience at the ceremony.

8. How long is your turn around?

It depends on the package and it also depends on how collaborative you would like to be. If you'd like to be very involved in the process, then it comes down to how quickly you respond to emails during the process of things like selecting music, making revision requests, etc. In general, the highlight film will be available for review within the first 2 months following the wedding (sometimes sooner depending on the collaboration process). The rest of the package also depends on collaboration, but will usually not extend out beyond 4 months unless there are significant delays in our communication.

9. Do you double book on the same day?

I typically do not, unless there is some sort of very special occasion. If this is the case then I will create a secondary team to cover the other wedding - I only work with other professional videographers. 

10. What happens if you can't make it to the wedding?

I will do everything in my power to make sure the wedding is covered by another professional videographer. The contract details what will happen in the worst case scenario where I cannot find coverage.

11. Do you have any recommendations for photographers?

Absolutely, here are some of my favorite photographers in the Central Florida area, not just because I have worked with them many times but also because I genuinely love there work. Also note that there are A LOT of photographers out there both whom I have worked with and have not worked with so this list is by no means exhaustive. I'm always down to work with brand new photographers I've never met before.

Jonathan Hare Photography:

Marissa Moss Photography:

Ailyn La Torre Photography:

Green Pearl Photography:

Regina as the Photographer:

Ashlee Hamon Photography:

Sarah and Ben Photography:

Djamel Photography:

Looking for a Photo booth? Check out the extremely stylish Photobooth Bus named Frankie!

Sweet Shot Photo Booth Bus:

12. Do you have any recommendations for DJs? 

Of course! In fact, I absolutely take finding a DJ seriously. I love music and it's such a bummer when a great wedding has a mediocre reception simply because the DJ just isn't able to energize the audience. My list is short, but I assure you, these guys know what they are doing.

DJ Cory Barron:

Eric Harding, Grant Hemond and Associates: