Aug 6, 2019

Leanna + David – Cross Creek Ranch, Dover

Leanna + David

It’s simple to describe Leanna and David, whose wedding was held at Cross Creek Ranch – they’re a fun loving couple who are extremely easy going, but know how to have a total blast in the right environment. I point at a specific moment during the reception that I thought was particularly special. During their first dance they broke out what is known as the “pretzel dance” and it was a theme of the remainder of the night of their celebration.

Look, as a wedding videographer, or any wedding vendor in general, you look for this tiny moments that stay with you as you move from wedding to wedding. Each and every couple I work with brings a personal touch to each wedding whether its intentional or not. I came to find out, after a conversation with David, that the pretzel dance was a staple among his family – so just about everyone got in on the action and one point or another.

Stick around after the first credit on their film and see some of the emotion and laughter in the bonus clips!

Cross Creek Ranch

Cross Creek Ranch holds a lot of special memories for me as a wedding videographer. One of my favorite weddings was held there way back in 2014. The couple, Bianca and Patrick, became very close friends with myself and Olivia. So close that we basically have attended every child’s birthday party (6 kids between us) since 2014! Not every couple I work with become great friends, but it is a positive reminder of one of the reasons I enjoy filming weddings. It’s an intimate thing, being there filming a couple on one of the most important days of their lives. It’s been said a million times, but I love love! I get to capture these precious memories in a format that allows couples to revisit and see and hear what things were like for them 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

Cross Creek Ranch is a hidden gem among the many vendors brides have to choose from. It’s layout is wonderful for vendors, plenty of space and video opportunities – open areas, beautiful trees and greenery. For brides and their parties, beautiful suite locations for getting ready, putting on the dress and secluded areas for sweet, sweet First Look moments. They are all inclusive, so you can plan the entire wedding experience with them!

They have an open air chapel that is just a dream for a videographer. Plenty of space on the outside of the pews to get a great angle without being too intrusive on guests.

Cross Creek Ranch has a dream team of individuals who work together to coordinate the perfect day not just for the bride and groom, but guests and vendors! They provide quick transportation around the ranch with golf karts and will help keep the timeline on schedule every step of the way. You never want to stress about things like the timeline during your wedding day. The folks at Cross Creek handle everything with care and a smile!

Photographer Shout Out

As I mentioned above, it’s always special when friendships are forged with couples, but it is also incredibly fulfilling when a professional friendship can be struck on the day of the wedding. Brittany Bishop took photos for Leanna and David at Cross Creek Ranch. She was extremely easy to work with and along with her 2nd shooter, Rachel Laxton, made the day fun with lots of laughs and great photo and video opportunities. As a wedding videographer, it’s helpful when the photographer is ready to play ball and a team mentality is immediately forged. Brittany and Rachel were working on details when I arrived and were happy to leave their arrangement up so I could quickly capture some b-roll before beginning to film inside with Leanna.

Wedding vendors are a team. We are there to service the couple – there’s no better experience than working together to let the couple enjoy the very best day of their lives. 

Vendor Shoutouts

Venue / Planner: Cross Creek Ranch – All Inclusive Rustic Elegant Wedding Venue

Photography: Brittany Bishop & Rachel Laxton

DJ: Grant Hemond & Associates


Highlight Film

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