Apr 18, 2013


We’ve had an interesting launch week. We featured our latest work, changed our name, logo, web site and basically everything that can be seen by the public. But we’ve also entered a new realm of social networking: Pinterest. Now…I know there’s nothing new about Pinterest…it’s been around for a while now and most, if not all, wedding vendors use it in some way. But I wanted to write a blog to specifically highlight our venture into this very hip and very intricate way of communicating ideas through pictures, because our Pinterest is in a pair of incredibly capable hands when it comes to style, wedding ideas, engagement ideas, decor and all things fashion.

My wife, Olivia Peachee, has been so generous to take full control of our Pinterest. I’d highly suggest that you follow her posts. There’s no doubt she’s putting some really cool things together and if you’re a bride (or groom) who needs ideas, she’s doing some serious work over there on Pinterest. We are very grateful to have someone like her on board with helping A Peachy Life Productions touch as many social networking areas as possible. Not that Outone or myself couldn’t do it…I just know for a fact we would not be very good at it.

So I encourage you to check out our Pinterest. And keep coming back, because Olivia simple can’t stop pinning things full of awesomeness!


Featured Image by: Gian Carlo Photography


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