May 2, 2013

2 Live Performances from a November Wedding

Last November, we filmed a couple that has made a couple of appearances so far on our page…Darin & Olivia. Yes, Darin is 1/2 of A Peachy Life Productions, but that is not the reason why we are featuring their wedding again and again. The main reason is that there were a lot of facets to their wedding, which allowed us to capture a lot of really great performances and turn them into separate videos. Not every couple is interested in entertaining their spouse or guests during the reception, but hopefully those who are will get inspiration from these videos.

This was the first wedding we were a part of where the groom performed a song to his bride. This gives us the opportunity to present other parts of a wedding that many couples may not think too much about. Most of the attention goes to the ceremony…the first kiss…and the first dance. But sometimes couples want to change things up or have some entertainment of their own for the reception. This not only creates more unique moments for a highlights film, but it also opens the door for creating mini videos to be featured online or in the full length version of the wedding.


So the groom not only performed a song during the reception, he wrote the song specifically for the occasion. Being fortunate enough to know all of this ahead of time, we were able to get a very good recording of the performance since we brought along some recording equipment (in other words, we would be willing to do this again *hint, hint*).

This groom had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and anyone who knows this couple has probably been a witness to one of these suprises on one occasion or the other. Besides the performance of this song, he also surprised his bride again by singing a song in Vietnamese (her native language). As can be expected, it wasn’t an easy performance and so that video will not likely be finding its way to the internet anytime soon (it wasn’t THAT bad).


The groom wasn’t the only one with surprises. In a future post you’ll see how the bride and the groom surprised one another with a dance number. These blogs are intended to give new couples ideas for their reception!



In another surprise performance, following Darin’s two songs, Olivia’s brothers, Josh, Andy and A Peachy Life Productions’ very own Outone Vanna grabbed the guitar and mics and put on a performance that shocked everyone (including the wedding organizer). The trio performed a cover of “Overwhelmed” by Tim McMorris. The bride and groom were moved by their performance and luckily we caught it on film (thanks to our assistants during the wedding).


So again, we hope future brides and grooms take interest in these ideas and earn greater insight towards how effective a performance can be during a reception through these films. We’ve got a lot more to come.

All photos by: Shipra Panosian Photography


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