Apr 7, 2013

A Peachy Life Productions

Outone and I are proud to present A Peachy Life Productions! We are both elated about this new look and name but, primarily, we are excited to film. We’ve spent the last couple months assembling and breaking down a number of ideas on how to present ourselves and what works and what doesn’t. At this point, we’ve gone over dozens of ideas, looked to several others who inspire us and now we really just want to take our lens caps off and shoot.
If you’re in the Wedding Videography industry, the current trend seems to depart from calling oneself a “videographer” but rather the more cutting edge term would be “cinematographer.” Arguably, that is becoming outdated. I get the reasoning behind this, but most people don’t really know what the difference is.
So we’ve been torn over how to define ourselves and we’ve looked to others like stillmotion for inspiration. I don’t think it is very important in how you define yourself or your company by either videographer or cinematographer  it is more about how you wish to be defined by your work and the clients you work with.


Wedding journalism will probably never dry up, there will always be weddings and there will always be stories to tell. The difference is how well can one company tell a story? Or are they really interested in telling stories? A Peachy Life Productions isn’t looking to revolutionize wedding films…we just want to tell unique and moving stories…through words and through film. It’s our goal to make sure every one of our weddings we film gets an appearance on our blog and not just a few words here and there about how lovely the couple was, or how perfect the weather looked. I want to remind them about the subtle moments of their wedding that they may have missed. I want them to know what it was like for someone on the outside to experience their wedding.

So what is the purpose of the name “A Peachy Life Productions.”

People who are close to either one of us may think it has something to do with one of our names. But really, it doesn’t. If it did…the spelling would be different. If anything…it only inspired the name. “Peachy” means “Happy.” You’ve heard the phrase “peachy keen” before I’m sure. It’s colorful. It’s playful. And it seems to fit right in with filming weddings.
We want it to make you smile the first time you hear it.


What does A Peachy Life Productions hope to achieve?

We hope to capture timeless moments on beautiful days that literally only happen once. Memories that will be passed on and outlive the folks that are on the film. To inform future generations of how the people of this time viewed love. How we celebrated love. Ultimately we hope our couples will be proud of our work and it will be something they will come back to over and over again in the years to come. We hope they remember us as individuals, and what sort of things we brought to the table that made their special day unique.
It would also be nice to just keep in contact. Become friends. Laugh.
That’s our story so far.
Until next time.

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