Oct 15, 2012

K-POP & Weddings

Most of our closest family and friends know of our obsession with K-POP. A Peachy Life Productions has already created a full length proposal video that features one of our favorite songs. That video will be up on the site soon enough. For now, you can still view it here. Needless to say we have been combing through our K-POP collection to find the best songs that we feel will be a hit among our family and friends who may not have any experience with the genre…although I think I am safe to assume that the majority have heard “GANGNAM STYLE” by now (it’s very likely it will make an appearance).
K-POP has no shortage of fun songs to dance to, it’s just a matter of picking the right ones and sprinkling it in on the current playlist. We don’t want to overwhelm anybody with K-POP…so we are being very selective.
Our first selection is a favorite of ours. It’s from the same group who did the track, “You and I” that A Peachy Life Productions used in the proposal video. This song is by 2NE1 and it is called “I Love You.” It’s a fantastic dance track with a hard hitting chorus…that’s in English. One of K-POP’s many strengths is the sing-ability of their choruses. It has the sort of catchiness that gets stuck in your head, but you really never get tired of.
It’s 2NE1′s first true love song (“You and I” was actually a single by one of the members, Park Bom, but I just lump it into their discography). A mix of ballad and dance pop, it is sure to be a hit on the dance floor. Stay tuned for more tracks from our wedding playlist!

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