Oct 23, 2012

Cocktail Hour

We’re always excited to dream up new ideas on how to film elements of weddings that always happen. The cocktail hour is a unique part of the wedding process. It’s in between the traditional and most of the time classy ceremony and the more spirited reception. It’s a busy hour where people are anxiously getting their first drink and mingling with the guests. The discussion most often begins with their thoughts on the ceremony.
It’s very movie like when you think about it. You can imagine a slow motion pan of the crowd, busy in conversation, with their drink, and with a voice over of one guest reflecting on the ceremony, as if you, the viewer, were the person he or she was talking to.
The cocktail hour may seem pretty one dimensional on film, but there’s so much sweeping footage that you can get, and the list of voice overs by guests is endless. It’s only a matter of finding the right moment.
For the cocktail hour of an upcoming wedding, the location is set in a lobby area with a high ceiling. It’s a beautiful layout and will create a bustling atmosphere of people chatting and drinking. For this hour, music is essential. It has been difficult for me to select only one hour worth of music, as there’s so much that would fit perfectly with the mood.
This selection is a French song. Françoise Hardy’s voice is so chill and the upbeat tempo of this song will create a great, joyous background track for the guests. The point isn’t for anyone to pay close attention to these songs, it’s purpose is to create a nice mood and atmosphere to fit the excitement of the guests.

Featured Image by: Shipra Panosian Photography

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