Oct 14, 2012


As has more than likely become quite obvious from the previous blog posts, for the wedding this Novemeber I have decided to forgo the traditional hiring of a DJ and have instead chosen the DIY route. I am fortunate enough to have a PA system and a macbook…not to mention a serious obsession with music. And honestly the first thing I began thinking about when it came to this wedding was what sort of music we would be having at the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. With little experience as a DJ, the playlist we (my fiancee and I) have been collaborating on is a product of trial and error. We are already selective with our music tastes but we are also well aware of the tastes of our guests. Every song on the list is being scrutinized and combed over to assure us that it belongs on that list and that our guests will be pleased.
Having an eclectic taste in music has really made creating this list an absolute joy for us. I have spoken with several friends and guests that will be attending and have already taken some suggestions. I mentioned this in the last blog when we featured Phoenix’s “Too Young.” I want to make it clear on this post that any guest who may be reading this should feel free to make a few requests of songs they absolutely want to hear. I, of course, cannot guarantee that they will all get played, but I am certainly willing to do whatever I can to accommodate.
I have already made plans to make it possible to make requests even during the reception, so if anyone does try to come up and interrupt the playlist, my “auto dj” will assist. What I mean by “auto DJ” is that I have selected someone to more or less watch over the DJ booth while it operates on auto pilot. Their basic purpose is to hit stop and go at the appropriate moments.
For this post’s song selection we are featuring Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” This song has become a staple of all things wedding and has especially garnered some special proposal videos. There’s one in particular that I found pretty mind blowing. I will include that video in addition to one with just the song. The song kicks off our first series of major dance songs. It’s hard not to want to get up, throw your hands in the air and sing the hell out of this song. Beyond Media used this for a wedding trailer last year…we had a lot of fun with that one. Enjoy.
And this is the proposal video…


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