Oct 13, 2012

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When asked about what part of the wedding is most important to me, I find myself having a difficult time arriving at an answer. The obvious choice for me would be to say that the music is the most important, hence these upcoming blog posts I am doing in an effort to give our guests a preview of what’s in store during the wedding. But honestly, my fiancee and I have worked to very hard every minute detail of this wedding, that the energy I have put towards the creation of the best music playlists has been rivaled by the energy I have put towards other things, such assisting my fiancee on deciding on how to arrange our center pieces, spending a great deal of time looking at wedding favors, sparklers, cake toppers, tasting cakes…the list goes on.
I know my fiancee has really championed the do it yourself tradition that has become a staple of modern weddings. She has converted our dining room table into her own wedding desk. The projects keep piling up but we both are extremely excited to put all our effort into making our day as perfect as can be. We have assembled an amazing team around us. We are proud to be working with the team we have chosen.
For me, being a history major, the keeping of things really matters to me. History has enhanced my fascination with capturing moments in life. Photography and videography, though both very different in their uses, ideologically share the same goal…to capture a moment or a series of moments. For me, this wedding going smoothly and being the greatest day of my life is of the utmost importance, but even more important is being able to capture that in a medium that will allow us to journey back to those incredibly energetic moments and relive them as best as possible. So I have given a great amount of thought to the photography and the videography of our wedding.
I have spent a lot of time with our photographer and videographer describing our vision to them. They wouldn’t be in this profession if they didn’t appreciate a client who has vision. After having thoroughly discussed this vision with them, I am extremely confident in their abilities to execute. As ecstatic as I am to get to the wedding, I am almost equally excited to see the results of the photographs and videos that will come in the after math.
But enough about all that. Let’s get to another song. This one is also on the reception playlist. It is also another indie song, similar to Vampire Weekend. The entire reception will not be full of songs like this, I can assure you. But this one deserves notice as it has a very danceable beat and it just grooves. I have to thank Justin Fowler for suggesting the song to me a while back. As soon as my fiancee and I listened to it, we knew we wanted it for our playlist. Thanks buddy!

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