Oct 12, 2012

A thought about Weddings & Music

As of 2012, the wedding industry makes 40 billion dollars a year (according to weddingbusinesstoday.com). Considering all of the various parts of a wedding, it’s no surprise that everywhere you turn there’s a business who wants your money. In a lot of cases, these people genuinely want to make your special day something worth remembering…but at the same time they have to make it worthwhile for themselves. For guys like myself, who like to have their hands in every part of the wedding planning, the selection of businesses to turn to is staggering.
From my fiancee’s and I’s experience…the people who genuinely seem interested in the vision of your wedding are the ones you want to stick with. The ones who can make it appear as though your wedding is the only project they are currently working on. If you can identify that sort of attitude in the person you have turned to, then I would say it would be wise to stick with them…even if that means forking out a little extra cash. Don’t expect to find this in everyone that you work with, but the things about your wedding you care about the most, perhaps the music or the floral arrangement, those are the things that deserve the most attention.
For me, the music is such an important part of my fiancee and I’s life. It’s been my dream to come up with the absolute perfect playlist for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. It’s a difficult process, but it is without a doubt a labor of love. She and I have combed over each selection and with 5 more weeks to go, we are still going to be listening to these lists non stop until we get it just right.
Being a major music enthusiast, it’s not easy to create a list that will suit the tastes of all of our guests. There are some songs that we hold dear to our heart that may fall flat on others. In an effort to accommodate our guests, we have included a lot of songs that are sure to get everyone on their feet. For the songs that they may not be entirely familiar with, I have decided to start posting a song a day to introduce it to them and get them somewhat familiar with it. That way everyone can enjoy the entire playlist during the night of the wedding.
First up, a song by the band Vampire Weekend. We chose this song because it is short, very upbeat and a fun song that can be danced to. It comes relatively early in the dance list but it’s part of the first series of major dance songs that I hope everyone can enjoy.

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