Jul 7, 2016

Ashley & Zack // Wedding Highlight

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It’s time for another video love story to be put on display for all the world to see. Today present the lovely wedding of Ashley and Zack Walker, two delightful souls who had a gorgeous wedding on the IMG Academy Golf Club.

Filming so many weddings you start to look closely for details in each and every wedding that stick among the others. For this wedding, in particular, there were two moments, among many, that I felt were very cool to be a part of.

Bride & Groom (14)

The bride had a large, white curtain set up on a small hill that descended down to ceremony location where her future husband was waiting. Considering this was outside, it was a very unique way to enter the ceremony. Clearly there was plenty of room on either side of the ends of the curtain set up, but there is something magical about entering through that white curtain. She crossed through from the life before marriage and entered a brand new era of her life. To be honest, every bride should have a dramatic entrance like that, to demonstrate the incredible impact of the moment when two people dedicate their lives to one another.

Reception (24)

The other surprising moment came when the bride and her father took the dance floor and performed what was one of the most charming choreographed dances I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing at a wedding. You can just see the absolute joy on the bride’s father’s face as he breezed through a great mix of classic pop songs, entertaining the entire crowd. Being able to capture something like that really means a great deal to me, knowing that in many years from now, long after the fondest memories have faded from the day of their wedding, they’ll be able to throw on their DVD and relive one of the greatest days of their lives. They’ll see faces that may be long gone, they’ll hear the voices of loved ones whom they hadn’t spoken to in many years. It’s a feeling that takes a very long time to develop, but the pay off is priceless. It’s chasing that feeling that keeps filming weddings so fascinating for me.

Bridal Party (87)

Photos by Ashley Plata Photography.


As always, we love filming and would love to be a part of your special day, if you are indeed looking for someone to capture memories that can last longer than a lifetime. We’re a destination videography company and will travel wherever your story takes us!




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