Nov 22, 2014

Bianca & Patrick // Wedding Highlight

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a moment to muse on love before introducing our next highlight film. Olivia and I have opened a new chapter in our story and introduced a brand new character: Our little son Daylen was born on November 3rd. His arrival has been life changing. Despite being our second child, life still manages to feel different with him. Music sounds a little sweeter, food tastes more enjoyable and all things genuinely feel positive. He makes me so excited to wake up — even at 2 am….4 am…and again at 6 am. There aren’t very many things in this world that are more challenging than rearing a child, Bianca & Patrick can both attest to this, but there isn’t another challenge I would be willing to take on.

The idea of this tiny little human who literally started as nothing has now come into existence. This earth shattering life event occurs in this tiny little planet, in this massive solar system, within an enormous galaxy occupying some space in an infinite universe. The magnitude of that statement is how I feel about my son being born – it’s massive. Love is massive.


Time feels different when you have a family. I suppose for some people they feel like it begins to drag. Days start to repeat themselves and nostalgia sets in as they look to the past for grandiose accomplishments and regret for not having done this or that. I don’t understand that type of person. I never have enough time in the day to enjoy all the things I love about life. I’m on edge

“I can’t remember how it feels to live a day all by myself and never really worry about someone else.”

From the moment we met Bianca & Patrick, I knew there was something special about the two of them — something I felt connected to. Wherever they were in their lives at that moment, it felt as if I knew them from long ago. Just listening to them interact and discuss their wedding as we browsed around their gorgeous wedding venue convinced me that these are the sort of people I love to work with. They reminded me of Olivia and myself in the days and months leading up to our wedding day. This one had all the things we could wish for: first look, intro dancing, singing, vows, great speeches. Bianca & Patrick took time to create a spectacular day they wouldn’t forget. That sort of thing only happens when two people are so deeply connected, that they could never think of any other way to be.


 “Wherever you go, I will follow you. We’ll never really worry about wasting our time.”

There’s always that minor fear of disaster when doing an outdoor wedding, but this day was perfect from the start. We caught up with Bianca & Patrick as they were prepping for the wedding. There didn’t appear to be any pre-wedding jitters. What was happening seemed completely natural. Sure, they were a bit nervous, but that was to be expected. Bianca & Patrick sent one another pre-wedding gifts, a new watch for him and a photo album for her. Both were elated as the time came closer for them to finally see one another.


The first look is one of my personal favorite moments of any wedding day. This one was no different, other than the fact that they were surrounding by breathtaking scenery. Bianca took the long walk down the beautiful pathway leading just past the ceremony spot to find Patrick with his back turned facing the other way. He grew more and more nervous as he could hear Bianca’s footstep get closer and closer. So much anticipation had to have been built up to this moment, not just on this day, but from the moment they fell in love and decided this was the life they wanted to share together. Words can’t do justice for a moment like this.


The ceremony featured heartfelt vows written by both the bride and the groom. The intensity of their feelings for one another was shared by friends and family, as well as their young son who looked on to see his parents become one. Their story (along with our video) will teach him what it means and what it takes to love another person. He will be proud of Bianca & Patrick and will always look to them for inspiration.

The reception intro was certainly one of the best we had seen in recent memory. A well choreographed dance put on by the groomsmen and the bridesmaids along with Bianca & Patrick. People tend to forget that a wedding is meant to be a celebration and no celebration is complete with out great entertainment.


What truly shocked me in the most delightful way was when Bianca sat down with one of her family members (who played the guitar) to serenade her new husband on the night of their wedding. Musical talent is rare in a lot of people, and singing in front of an audience takes a great amount of courage, but Bianca stole the night with her performance for Patrick. Her song even overshadowed the beautiful sparkler exit that sent the newlyweds on their way.


Bianca & Patrick are a gorgeous couple with a growing family. We are so honored to present this highlight video of their wedding. Please enjoy.


Special thanks to Van Tran and Angel He for the beautiful photography!

 [vimeo width=”640″ height=”360″ video_id=”112553180″]

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