Sep 9, 2014

Lindsey & Robby // Wedding Highlight

Every time I sit down to write up a blog about one of our wedding highlights, I always struggle with deciding on what sort of voice I should give the piece. Am I to report as objectively as possible on what I observe throughout the day, or do I dare to interject my personal thoughts and observations as I weave through the story of one’s love and their celebratory day uniting as one? I’ve come to find that I enjoy the latter, largely because it is precisely my interest in witnessing others beginning their marriage journey together that has me involved in this field of videography. Whether it is the gushing looks of love or the subtle words spoken on the day of — I’m a huge sucker to ultra romantic love stories and carefree approaches to how love is nurtured and cared for.


I’ve probably mentioned my own love story in numerous posts — not that I’m narcissistic, I just enjoy watching other people’s love stories unfold before my eyes (or before the lens) and be reminded time and again just how great it is to be loved by someone else. There’s hardly a better feeling than feeling confident in the love you share with another person. No one can complete the journey toward becoming a whole human being without love.

Lindsey and Robby’s story has all the makings of a happy ever after story, but one that strays from the beaten path just a bit to make one take a step back and admire their love — as when one gazes at a clear night sky and is taken aback by the sky’s brilliance. Wedding vendors are unique people in the sense that it is fair to say most people do not attend many weddings in a single life time. Wedding vendors see first hand the wedding process over and over again. As a videographer, I always try to predict the outcome of many moments throughout the wedding day based solely on the pre wedding discussions with the bride and groom.


Our initial contact with Lindsey and Robby began like many others. There was even a chance that videography would get cut during the budget talks (it is important to stick to the budget, people!). I think as wedding planning continues and we creeped closer and closer to the date, the value of capturing the events of the day and immortalized them in the form of a film that would tell the story of the day suddenly grew in value. There was an exchange where Lindsey discussed watching her mother’s wedding video and getting to hear specific family members was so special that it became more and more of a priority to secure video for their special day.


One of the most unique aspects of Lindsey and Robby’s story is the now infamous story of their first meeting — as children in the same church they would eventually get married in. What’s even more remarkable is Lindsey recalls specifically pointing to Robby as a child and letting her sister know hands off, that he was hers…not just then but that she would even marry the boy one day. What a profound statement to make and even more stunning that it actually came true.

On the day of the wedding we arrived just before the ceremony was set to begin. We found Lindsey and her bridesmaids and others gathered inside a small room within the enormous church. It was clear that Lindsey was about to embark on a life changing journey, but something about her demeanor led me to believe that Robby had instilled in her a confidence that she perhaps did not know she had. There was no fear or hint of doubt.


Robby seemed cool, calm and collected heading into the ceremony. The ceremony revealed that Robby was an incredibly devoted man — to his religion and to his family. There’s no mistaking why Lindsey radiated with confidence throughout. She had probably played this moment over and over in her head for years.

In traditional wedding ceremonies, there isn’t usually an opportunity for the bride and groom to speak their own words to one another, but Lindsey and Robby’s officiant had a special surprise in store for them. He conversed with each of them in private prior to the wedding and collected their thoughts on becoming the spouse of the other. Perhaps it was the delivery, or perhaps the words came from a place so deep within their soul that to say it themselves would have been impossible while looking into each other’s eyes. Either way, I found a brand new appreciation for these two individuals by listening to how deeply devoted they are to one another. It was one of the best moments of the entire wedding.


Another magical moment came during the reception when members of both the groom and bride’s family stood up to give riveting toasts and speeches. Truly something they will cherish for years to come.


It was an absolute honor to be a part of this wedding — Lindsey and Robby so obviously deserve one another and there is no doubt that they will continue to explore the depths of their love as time goes on.

Special thanks to Buffy from Life Long Studios for taking some stunning photography!


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