May 22, 2014

Monika & Mohamed // Wedding Highlight

Weddings are are a strange, yet exciting spectacles. Strange because so many people of all walks of life go through it and exciting because everyone manages to somehow find someway to make it their own. As someone who documents these major life events, I look out for these subtleties. I catch myself smiling and even chuckling when these moments happen. I sometimes find myself imagining what our bride and groom will think 10 or 15 years down the road when they hear the sound of their laughter or softly smile at the way they looked into each other’s eyes on their wedding day. I’m sure Monika & Mohamed will find humor in their “bada bing, bada boom” slang said right before their first look.

Loving history makes being a videographer that much more special. It’s truly amazing how we can capture moments on film and they will survive us for many generations. It’s the best way to inform people in the future. Writing is important as well, but seeing movement and hearing voices is a whole different experience.

Monika & Mohamed were a fantastic couple to film. Their venue was absolutely gorgeous.  Bride and groom were very carefree and relaxed throughout the day. They fit like a hand in glove. One might not suspect this upon first glance, but spending just five or so minutes filming the two of them together and you get the sense that they have carved out their own little nook in the world where no one else can fit. It’s just for them.

www.sunglowphotography.comMonika is a portrait photographer whose work I am very fond of. She’s especially talented at taking photos of infant children. I encourage anyone reading this to check out her work. My wife and I are lucky enough to have her covering a special event of ours this coming weekend.

It’s easy to tell this couple has a lot of fun with life. Mohamed is hilarious and sometimes it almost felt like we weren’t even at a wedding, but rather a huge party / celebration of their accomplishments as a couple. That’s what a wedding should be all about, right?

Enjoy their film.

Special thanks to the extremely talented and electrifying Dustin from Sunglow Photography. It was really a pleasure getting to work along someone whose work I have admired for a long time.

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”360″ video_id=”94160824″]


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