Mar 30, 2014

Adrianne & Tye // Wedding Highlight

I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine. We were discussing Plato and his theory of concepts. We explored the details of his argument and came to a point where it could be understood that concepts, or ideas, have existed since the beginning of time. That the concept of something like love has an infinite chance of happening at any one point in time, even if no one is there to observe it. So this concept of love that we experience is infinitely old, it has been since the beginning and will continue to be long after we are gone. We are fortunate to be able to experience it in an infinite number of ways. Many may believe it to be a simple concept, but I, being a notorious skeptic, feel it is still a massive mystery.

I wonder to myself as I film couples just what do they think of when they think about love? I also wonder if filming so many weddings will somehow deduct from the mystery of love. Can it be mechanical? Can it be predictable? Filming a couple such as Adrianne and Tye convinces me of only one thing. That they are certain about the love between the two of them. There is no mystery, for it is one another that they think of when they think of a concept such as love.



Photo courtesy of Laura Ross Photography

Adrianne and Tye stated their coveted marriage vows on the beautiful property of Golden Ocala; just a stunning 360 view that promised insanely good results for film. Our first sighting of the bride was from the balcony located on the second floor. The large doors opened to an immaculate view of the landscape. The bride spent a few quiet moments looking over the area as she gathered her thoughts on the day ahead. How many people even remember these minor moments before getting married?

The bride shuffled between two large lounge areas with her bridesmaids and mother close behind making sure everything was set and ready with smiles all around. The bride’s proud mother looked on in deep contemplation, likely recalling some of her fondest memories of her daughter as she grew up. I tend to forget that this experience must be equally massive for the parents as it is for the bride and groom. All their years of hard labor and endless grants of wisdom have come to this day, when they give their child over to the care of another.

As to be expected, the groom and his men were a lot more relaxed and socializing back and forth. Their preparation took place in a gorgeous library room with exquisite furniture all around. They laughed and hollered as they viewed the sporting event on the TV.



Photo courtesy of Laura Ross Photography

Tye is a well mannered guy. A straight to the point speaker, but with a caring disposition that is easy to recognize and pick up on. Just watching him look into his wife’s eyes can tell you how deep his love goes for her. I sometimes gripe to myself when couples choose to not write their own wedding vows, but honestly there are some moments that can hardly be justified through the use of words. Adrianne & Tye were able to go deeper and there’s no doubt that everyone sitting on that beautiful lawn felt their electricity as their ceremony progressed.

Though words may have been lacking on the part of the bride and groom, the void was forever replaced by the endearing words of the father of the bride. This man deserves a standing ovation for his efforts on this particular day. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a father that so perfectly embodies the ideal type of father of the bride you would like to see at weddings. Every bit of his participation in the wedding leaves one with a feeling of admiration.



Photo courtesy of Laura Ross Photography

How difficult it must be to rear a child, specifically a daughter, and instill in her all the appropriate attitudes and behaviors concerning the world, only to give her hand away in marriage to another person at some point. But to see the father of the bride handle it so graciously (thanks to his fondness for the groom), I find myself thinking that a father’s purpose for his daughter is to prepare her for this very day. His shining moment comes during the highly anticipated reception speech.

It’s the perfect platform for a father to stand up and formally welcome the groom into his family. Adrianne’s father’s speech was moving in many ways, dealing with a little of their family history, thanking his wife and other daughter, respectively. He directly addressed the groom; even admitting that he looked for flaws (a failing effort as he noted in his speech).



Photo courtesy of Laura Ross Photography

The wedding party let out all their contained energy stored through the ceremony. A major contributor to this highly energetic reception was the DJ. I usually never mention DJs in my blog posts about weddings, but this guy deserves some notice. Most of the time at wedding receptions, you’re lucky to even get 50% of the guests to stand up and make it over to the dance floor. The DJ practically guaranteed me that with his game “Pass the Buck” he’d have everyone up on the dance floor in no time. He did not disappoint.

Both families, both young and old, were eagerly passing the dollar around until finally they were told to bring the person next to them to the dance floor and to go back for more. Before long the whole room seemed to be shaking in joyous celebration of Tye and Adrianne’s wedding.



Photo courtesy of Laura Ross Photography

There’s no doubt that Adrianne and Tye have infinite support from their family and friends. Their love shone brightly throughout the entire evening. It’s always an honor to be a part of someone’s wedding day. It’s only meant to happen once and with so many details going on, it’s easy to miss some of the most magical moments. Luckily for them they made the smart decision to seek out videography and invest in a very talented photographer (brought down from the northern part of Florida).

Congratulations Adrianne and Tye! Enjoy your wedding film!


Special thanks to Laura Ross Photography for her beautiful images!

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