May 15, 2019

Videography Website Redesign – Launch Day!

Deciding to Redesign

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over one year since I officially started down the road towards a website redesign. I say officially because the idea of redesigning the website had been in the works pretty much since the first version of the site went up in 2012. There were numerous minor changes to the site, as I imagine any site goes through in its first few years, but eventually the ideas started to expand beyond the limitations of the original site’s template and it was at that point that I began seriously shopping around.

Of course, by shopping around, I literally mean visiting Photography and Videography websites and determining what I loved and what I didn’t love about their design choices. I also quickly realized how far behind my diminutive website had become in terms of content and usability for potential couples.

Getting Inspiration

It wasn’t until I happened upon a website by the outstanding photographers and dear friends, Sarah and Ben, that I finally felt like, “I want the person who designed this site to work on mine.” And full disclosure, I worked a wedding with Sarah and Ben shortly after their own redesign and I told them right then and there I intended to reach out to their designer and ask to work with them. They couldn’t stop giving great feedback about their experience. Thanks guys for an AMAZING recommendation!

My Amazing Web Designer

The designer I worked with was Rachael Earl Design, who is based out of Arizona and the mother of 6 KIDS – one of which was born during this redesign process! What was truly amazing, and the thing I found to be the most indispensable part of working with Rachael, was the fact that we had just one phone conversation during this entire process – all of our correspondence happened over email and it happened on an almost daily basis.

Rachael reminds me of myself when it comes to her response time to emails. It didn’t matter what day or time of day it was, if she was able to, she would respond. I must have sent over ten thousand minor changes or fixes or edits to all the text on the site – because I am actually a little crazy when it comes to that stuff – and she handled it like it was a walk in the park. It’s validating getting to work with someone who puts just as much value on great customer service and I could not have possibly picked a better designer to work with. If you’re thinking about building a website, or looking to rebrand or redesign, there’s no one else I would be willing to recommend!

Get Ready for More Wedding Videography Blog Posts!

This redesign and relaunch of the website means a great deal to me. It’s been a long project and I’ve put a ton of thought into each and every aspect of the page. I hope potential couples will find most of the answers they are looking for when it comes to Videography. I dedicated an entire section just to explaining why Video matters!

And a very special thank you to everyone who helped me with the site by providing feedback and suggestions during the testing of the new site! Follow them and check out their great sites!

Olivia Peachee

Sarah & Ben

Marissa Moss

Jen Peck

Kristyn Brooks

Veena Combs

Kento Kawakami

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  1. Darin Peachee says:

    Leave comments here!

  2. Kristy says:

    Your attention to detail reflects your passion. You take pride in your production and deliver exceptional work! You capture the moments few see and artfully share it with all. I’m excited for all there is to come!

  3. Olivia says:

    I love A Peachy Life!🍑

  4. Tessa Schrock says:

    A Peachy Life and the Peachee Family are great to work with! You guys always capture the best moments and the photos come out looking amazing!