Jun 13, 2015

Kim & Matt // Wedding Highlight

We are very excited to present one of our favorite weddings we have filmed to date. This one features our second opportunity to film a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony prior to the traditional western Wedding Ceremony. Kim & Matt are simply two of the coolest, most down to Earth people. Like all films we make, this one’s film was combed through delicately to pick out the sweet, most potent moments of their beautiful day. My struggle was having to trim the film down to just 5 minutes! For video editing, especially editing weddings, that is a nice problem to have.

 KMC0530                      KMC0457

It may sound cliche to say that every wedding should be unique or have a DYI element to it, but I think people simply over complicate the matter. There are just a few simple things that can make a wedding day look and feel unique without having to go over the top with DYI things.

Kim & Matt had a First Look. I know some couples cannot break away from the tradition, but there are variations that can make the day that much more special. A First Touch, a gift exchange or even a letter can go a long way.

 KMC0814                        KMC0392

Kim & Matt wrote their own vows. That alone changes everything about their ceremony.


The couple paid respect to Kim’s heritage and culture by having a Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony (a Tea Ceremony) in the morning. If there’s an opportunity to experience the wedding ceremony from a different country, I’d encourage people to do it.

A special thanks to Kim & Matt for being so awesome.


Brilliant photography brought to you by Jason Mize




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