Feb 3, 2014

Samantha & Scott Wedding Highlight

It may seem like A Peachy Life Productions has become dried up in the video department as it has been quite some time since our last public video. We have been doing a lot of shooting and two of our recent videos never saw the public light only by request by our wedding couples. Now we’re moving through a number of weddings that will begin appearing on our blog very soon. First up is the light hearted wedding film of Samantha and Scott.

We met these two through the recommendation of a previous bride (yes!) and the excitement began to mount at the very first meeting. The day of the wedding couldn’t come soon enough.

Weather isn’t something that is on most people’s minds on a day to day basis, but it’s always a major concern when it comes to weddings. Fortunately for our bride and groom, weather was the furthest thing from their minds as it was just fine (minus a little shower during the reception, but everyone was inside by that time and it made the send off all the more magical).


We arrived first at the bride’s mother’s house where the greetings were warm and receptive. The bride’s mother appeared as though she may lose it at any moment while watching her daughter prepare on her wedding day. It was clear, however, that she was already looking forward to the future, hinting at her desire to have grand children sooner than later. The overall atmosphere is surprisingly calm. Samantha was a bride that was not flustered by the consequences of getting married. Her and Scott are clearly the best of friends and this celebration only solidified that in a more public, legal exercise. She laughed often and spoke fondly when recalling the moment she knew Scott was the one. Take a moment to listen to part of her speech at the reception and you’ll learn the depths of her feelings for Scott.

Samantha joyfully spent some of her preparation time playing with her Nintendo 3DS. It’s not very often that one sees a bride getting hair and makeup done while playing a 3DS but the handheld console is a significant symbol to the relationship of Scott and Samantha. While video games in general serves as a major past time for the two, it has the been the Pokemon series that they both think of immediately when asked to select a favorite. Scott’s early wedding gift was none other than the latest in the series (Pokemon X).  Samantha enjoyed a few moments of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time while her hair stylist made a few adjustments to her hair prior to working on her make up.


The bridesmaids arrive and the excitement mounted as Samantha joined them to discuss their preparation. By the time Samantha walked out with her wedding gown on, the volume in the room turned to silence as everyone held their breath in awe of the soon to be Mrs. Armstrong. She lit up the room with her dazzling dress. Her mother eagerly assisted her with the final adjustments to the dress. This was one of the first moments where Samantha began to take in the emotion of the day. She took a number of deep breaths in an attempt to hold it in.

Scott, like many other grooms, appeared even more relaxed during his preparation time. He and his groomsmen took a stroll a few blocks to a local restaurant called Trip’s Diner  in St. Pete to get some brunch before gearing up. The whole idea of cameras following him everywhere he went did not seem to rattle Scott. Everyone conversed while waiting for their food and discussed the plan for the day.


Scott, with his great sense of humor, kept the mood light. It wasn’t difficult to tell, however, that the nerves were beginning to creep up on him slowly as the countdown to the ceremony got closer and closer. It’s so obvious how genuinely he cares about Samantha by how well prepared he was for the day. Scott was well aware of how important this day was to his relationship to Samantha. It’s that sort of unconditional commitment to someone you love that lets you know how strong a relationship is and whether or not it can stand the test of time. There didn’t appear to be any sense of doubt in Scott’s eyes, nor in the admiration of his groomsmen, who couldn’t be happier to see their friend / brother tying the knot with his best friend.


The ceremony contained all of the elements of a Catholic wedding. There were a few special moments when Scott’s father and mother stepped up to do a specific reading for the couple. The officiant gave a heart warming speech that really hit home with a discussion on how this love must hold strong through good times and especially the bad. It’s a commitment that has to be remembered at all times and not just once in a while. Scott and Samantha already have such an incredible friendship that all of this seemed par for the course. These two were ready to get to the grande finale!


The reception was held in the beautiful Mirror Lake Lyceum. The two newly weds were unable to have personal vows during the ceremony, so they decided to say a few words to one another following their first dance. Scott never appeared to be one with words, but hearing him speak to his wife in such an honest way and looking at her in the eyes when he dreams of waking up next to his wife’s beautiful face; the audience of friends and family were transfixed. Samantha’s words were heartfelt, perhaps containing all of the emotion built up from the day. She struggled to get through it as the emotion became, at times, overwhelming. How surreal it must be to stand in front of an audience and tell the love of your life how you truly feel about them. Both received a very deserving ovation for their declarations of love.


It was truly an honor being a part of this wedding. Editing the film together was a true joy. We were with this couple all day long and ended up with so much footage, it would be easy to put together several different films. We thank Scott and Samantha for being so patient with us and very, very fun to work with. Enjoy your highlights trailer!

Song licensed by Song Freedom: Kim Edwards “Love”


Special thanks to KT Marie Photography for the gorgeous photos.

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