Oct 21, 2013

Hello October

I’m beginning this post at 12:38 AM…an indication of just how late I tend to work and also an indication of how little time is left in the day to devote to the writings of our peachy blog. Excuses not withstanding, the time has come to return to a healthy blend of interesting writings and thoughts on weddings and the industry as we learn more and more from each wedding. This month has been an interesting series of weddings, all of which were surprisingly different from the last.

A very recent inquiry has inspired me to get back to blogging (thanks for the kind words!), but this initial post will only serve as a minor update to what’s been happening in the Peachy Life Productions world as of late.

orlando_tampa_central_florida_wedding_photographer 028

We’ve begun work on a brand new music video. We’re not yet announcing the song, even though it has been chosen, I’d rather wait until we have a nice preview. It will be a Korean song, however, as it shares some similarities with a video we did for Olivia and I’s engagement. That song, which was 2ne1’s “You & I” has also received a minor face lift and will receive another launch in the near future. The new music video has seen 1 full day of filming. It will need at least 2 more days to wrap up, according to my story board, but things tend to come up during filming and who knows when we’ll get to the editing portion.

Our documentary that covers follows local cellist / professor / doktor of knowledge Derek Menchan has been in the works for some time. We filmed most of the footage a few months ago and have been sitting on it for a little while as we figure out how to organize things and put our ideas into a film. We’re excited to work closely with Menchan and his Voices of the People series to bring the happenings of classical music and the current conversation in art and philosophy to a broader audience. We feel this is only the start of a great partnership. Voices of the People has a lot of potential, we hope A Peachy Life will continue to be a part in the near future.

orlando_tampa_central_florida_wedding_photographer 042

As stated above we’ve had a busy month of weddings. We’ve learned that September and October are part of the “wedding season” for many vendors. We even noticed our friends at The Wedding Reporter staying off of their blog for a few weeks because of the full load. We’re excited to get cracking on these videos and put up a wave of new highlights trailers. Work has also been in progress on a Wedding Feature Film (10-15 minutes) and one that can be displayed online (with all the licensed songs and whatnot). We hope the film will give prospective couples an even better idea of how what we are capable of as cinematographers.

orlando_tampa_central_florida_wedding_photographer 048

Our web site is in need of some updates. We’ve been discussing an “About Me” page for months now, but have yet to come up with a creative enough way to introduce our selves formally to the internet world. We’re in talks with Lion Hart Media, I think we’ll be seeing some results in the next couple of months. October has been a fast paced month.

This seems like an appropriate length for a blog post that’s just getting the ball rolling again. No more hiatuses for a while.



All images provided by the endlessly talented Shipra Panosian Photography.



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