Jul 26, 2013

Wedding Infographic Feature

Today we are taking a look at a very visual way of presenting information. These pieces are called infographics. Appealing to the eyes and straight to the point with interesting information, these infographics are an interesting way to make comparable fact sheets and generic font styles interesting and fun to read. It also gives readers something to look at other than just words on a blog (I’m already assuming most people have stopped reading this and have scrolled down to see what these infographics are all about.
We have two from a wedding website called Hitched. Our fellow wedding vendor, Lianne, who just contributed to our first blog series “So What Does Marriage Really Mean” was generous enough to share these infographics with us.
The first infographic shows us some Weird and Wonderful Wedding Facts:
Hitched is a leading wedding website providing inspiration and ideas for all types of weddings.


 Weird & Wonderful Wedding Facts - AU (2)


The second infographic lends us some interesting information about Indian weddings. Though we have yet to have the honor of filming an Indian wedding, we are certain that one will come along in the not so near future.

Mehndi & Indian weddings (2)

Thanks to Lianne from Adore Weddings for contributing this piece.


Featured image by Shipra Panosian Photography


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