Film became a passion of mine in high school, where I took courses in Television Production and became enamored with the filming and editing process. After graduating, I attended the University of South Florida and earned a Bachelor's Degree in History and another one in Humanities (there is a connection here, I promise). In 2011 I filmed a family member's wedding and it was in that moment that I realized how much my love for history blended so well with documenting once in a lifetime moments for other people.

In 2012, I earned an MBA, married my best friend, Olivia, and we now have 3 beautiful children: Brannen, Daylen and Emma. I cherish every moment of raising our kids and one day I hope they can see how much of a joy it was to watch them grow up. I'm so nerdy about this kind of stuff that I actually create "Year in Review" films for each kid and a viewing party for every birthday. Wondering just how nerdy? Look no further than THIS VIDEO.

I say all that in order to make sure that you know, as a potential APL Couple, that I take documenting a wedding day very seriously. I understand that there are no do overs and that the moments are genuine. I look for special moments as if it were my own life getting documented. If I see grandma or grandpa out on the dance floor with one another, I'll be the first to get there and make sure it's captured!

What else? Oh yes - video games! I know not everyone is into video games, but if you like Nintendo (or even grew up playing Nintendo games) - I must know, because clearly we were meant to be friends. If games aren't your thing, no problem! Let's stick to coffee and chatting about how you'd like to preserve all the memories from your big day!

the nerd is strong with this one

video games




my wife


Look, I'd be in big trouble if anything else landed on the number one spot, right? There's no one else in this world who has been more supportive of A Peachy Life Productions and like any great partner, she challenges, motivates and pushes me to put my very best effort into everything I do. She's my best friend and I remind myself daily of what a lucky guy I am! Every wedding I film brings me back to our own special day on November 16th, 2012! 

my kids


Updated with the newest edition! The Peachee kiddos are the cornerstones of our tribe. Each individual kid brings a different dynamic to our family. It's been the greatest pleasure of my life bringing up these little humans and watching them interact with the world. The best feeling has been seeing their bond with each other grow. If I'm not filming a wedding, I'm definitely putting my cameras to use on each of them - I can't let a single moment slip by without preserving it!
Brannen - Daylen - Emma - Caden

personal wedding vows


My FAVORITE moment of any wedding. It's so moving witnessing two people put forth all the promises they intend to keep as they bind together as one. I know that personal wedding vows can be a frightening prospect for most people (public speaking can be intimidating), but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really let the person across from you know just how much you mean to them! 



SAGA is a graphic novel that I was turned onto through a little Ringer podcast called Binge Mode. I enjoy reading a lot, but never got into graphic novels for the most part, but boy has this story changed my mind. A sprawling, very NSFW epic story about two parents from warring planets and their child whose very existence threatens everything these planets are fighting for. If you've read this graphic novel, we have to talk! 

post-wedding collaboration


While the wedding day itself is always a ton of fun, post production is almost equally as fulfilling. Piecing together 5 minutes of the best moments of an 8 hour wedding day is daunting, but I open the door to let you into the editing experience. You get to choose music, make changes after seeing the initial edit and approve the final version. My goal is to make the perfect film for you, and that means earning your complete satisfaction!

the legend of zelda


There were a ton of games that came close to making this list, but I hold The Legend of Zelda closest to my heart. I remember when my favorite game in the series, Ocarina of Time, came out when I was 10 years old - when I received it I felt like the happiest kid on Earth. I spent the next several weeks completely devouring every aspect of the game. The huge world, the puzzles and the story completely enraptured me. It was a once in a lifetime experience. If you're a gamer, you know exactly what I mean!

your love story


There's nothing like hearing a great love story. Take me back to the first conversation, tell me about how the engagement went down and give me a sense of what marrying one another means to you guys. This impacts the filming on the wedding day in ways you won't believe.

norwegian wood


An all time favorite by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. It's far from being a sappy love story, but the way the main character looks back and tells the story of his youth is just so captivating. I don't have as much time as I used to for reading, but this one kept me glued to its pages for days. I highly recommend it.

the first look


The First Look was something I first learned about shortly before my own wedding in 2012. It allowed my wife and I a private moment where we could see each other after hours and hours of anticipation. Best of all? I was able to give an honest reaction to her, tell her how beautiful she was and just how excited I was to get married. Wondering if the moment she walked down the isle was ruined? Not at all, in fact, I was able to truly take in the moment and feel overcome with emotion. Another plus? So much more time to capture video and take photos!



No surprise here - I love Pixar films. And yes, I have a ranking of all Pixar and Disney Animation Studio films. Turning Red isn't at the top of my list, but it has been a big hit in the Peachee household! From the totally relatable characters, to the brilliantly depicted mother/daughter relationship - this movie has layers (what pixar movie doesn't?)



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